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Blind spots. The unexpected. The simple odds of the game. Any combination of these. Problems from the minor inconveniences to the major incidents occur in all of our lives, and while a good insurance plan certainly can’t stop them from happening, it can considerably soften the sharp edges.

Your life creates a legacy, one way or another. And while your possessions are not your life, they do comprise a substantial part its fabric. Your life and your assets should be protected as thoroughly as possible. Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC will offer you highly affordable and flexible policy options that will do just this. We don’t view ourselves in being in the protection business as much as the peace of mind business. Let our knowledgeable and experienced agents deliver you this peace of mind. The understanding that your loved ones will be financially stable should the unforeseen happen, as well as knowing that should property damage or an accident occur your assets will not be severely depleted will give you this invaluable sense of security. When you can rest assured that no matter what happens you will not be leaving you and your family vulnerable to economic hardship, your quality of life improves today! Call one of our locations in Missouri today!

Auto Insurance

Auto policies, like all insurance policies, must find the proper balance between solid coverage and affordability. Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC will provide the professional analysis to help you make the best determination. While covering yourself with state-sanctioned minimums may save you money in the short run as long as you are fortunate and don’t have to use it, what happens when you do? Your short-term savings could end up melting away with extreme deductibles in the long run. We will make you aware of the fantastic savings available through discounts, employer programs, and policy bundling. These savings can go directly into your pocket or may be reinvested to offset premiums for extended coverage and lower deductibles. We will educate you about making claims judiciously so you don’t find yourself with a case of creeping rates syndrome. Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC will give you the comparisons and information you need to decide whether monthly, quarterly, or annual installments are best for your situation. Unlike other companies, Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC views an educated consumer as our best client. Call and start saving today!

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Homeowners Insurance

What are you looking for in a homeowners insurance policy? Most people aren’t exactly certain what the hallmarks of a good homeowner’s policy are. But Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC knows through our years of experience what most people want and need. It starts with the ability to choose from multiple rates and coverage options. Customers want personalized quotes that reflect their unique situation rather than blanket quotes that may or may not meet their needs. Low premiums of course are near the top of the list. Potential clients desire quick quotes and not a run-around – less than reputable carriers are masters of stringing out customers in order to confuse and confound a homeowner. Solid financial ratings for your insurance carrier let you know that when it is your time of need, the resources will be there for you. Disaster proof coverage is sought by many clients. Special discounts and policy bundling are other priorities for many homeowners. The good news? Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC  provides each of these items and more! Call today for your no-obligation quote!

Life Insurance

Life insurance should be more than a stagnant document: a good plan should be an important tool in your financial portfolio that can be used in multi-dimensional ways. The agents at Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC will use their vast experience to explain the nuances of all policies available from term to universal to whole life. We will navigate you through the turns and twists of the insurance world, indicating when and how to convert from one type of policy to another, and share with you a whole host of strategies that will allow you to optimize your life insurance coverage. People tend to view insurance policies as an investment in tomorrow – which they are – but we have learned that good coverage will provide you peace of mind in the present. With Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC, you will begin to reap benefits through improved quality of life TODAY, not in some distant and out-of-focus tomorrow that you can’t clearly see from here.

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Business Insurance

The important thing to know about business insurance policies – perhaps above and beyond any other type of insurance – is that there is not a one-size fits all policy. The nature of your business dictates some insurance needs. Each business structure – proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or a larger corporation – has special characteristics that demand specific coverages. General liability insurance is a necessity, and if vehicles are used in any facet of the operation, they obviously must be covered, too. When bundled, these policies are commonly referred to as Business Owners Policies (BOP). Other areas a BOP may cover include Property Insurance (General Liability normally protects others’ property, not your own); Business Income Interruption Insurance for unexpected disruptions to your revenue flow; and Professional Liability Insurance for companies that provide professional consultation or professional services to clients. The seasoned agents at Guide Financial will guide you through the many intricacies of business insurance.

Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, RV

Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC goes well beyond traditional car insurance to get you covered on the road. We have comprehensive motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, RV, and boat policies for those of you who take to the main roads, the back roads, the snowy fields, or the dirt trails with the vehicle of your choice! People across all demographic divisions enjoy a wide range of vehicles for personal, business, or sporting interests. The experienced agents at Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC will find you the exact policy needed for optimum protection without overpaying. We will show you attractive bundling options with significant savings, and also make sure that you’re benefitting from all discounts available through local, state, federal, or career-based organizations. Vehicles are expensive enough on their own – no need to have extra insurance expenses when Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC can get you covered for a fraction of what others charge!

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Renters Insurance

Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC offers renters insurance at rates that are so incredibly affordable, you’ll have total peace of mind that you are fully protected even though your budget will barely feel it. Renting is becoming an increasingly popular option in the era of foreclosures, upside-down mortgages, and a wave of new rental properties across the country that are both beautiful to look at and live in. But the truth of the matter is that renting does expose you to some upticks in protection concerns. Renting usually means that you are in closer proximity to other people, and where there is more human traffic, there is naturally a higher possibility of mishaps. Another reality of renting is that previous tenants or the landlord may not have taken care of things as well as they should have. This leaves you more vulnerable to repairs or other unforeseen issues. Remember – a landlord may have insurance that covers his or her property, but it doesn’t cover your possessions. Let one of the agents at Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC explain the options that will leave you fully protected!

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage means different things for different types of situations, but it is the bedrock that is needed to protect your financial profile. In short, liability insurance covers an individual or business that may be held liable due to injury, malpractice, or negligence. The extent of these possibilities is obviously far-reaching – accidents in the home, on the road, in your place of business – may all be subject to litigation, and this is where strong liability insurance will protect you. Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC offers all types of packages from individual policies to Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) for businesses, and even the more specific policies such as Errors & Omissions (E&O) for those who deliver professional services, and Directors & Officers (D&O) for management-level professionals who could be subject to litigation. Our experienced agents will be able to quickly and accurately assess the level of vulnerability your personal and professional circumstances carry. Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC will you be certain that you have the correct coverage that balances long-term protection and short-term affordability.

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Umbrella Insurance

Where traditional liability coverage ends, Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC offers the ultimate in protection through reasonably priced umbrella policies. An umbrella policy exists to go beyond the normal limits of liability coverage. If you are targeted in a law suit of any kind that threatens to erode your financial assets – including home, car, investments, retirement, savings and checking accounts, even future earnings – the umbrella coverage continues where your traditional liability policy ends. Umbrella policies provide the sense of security needed for the individual or businessperson that prefers maximum protection so that they know a lifetime of diligence is not unraveled by an unforeseen occurrence or an opportunist looking to take advantage of a situation at another’s expense. Call today and one of the agents at Guide Financial and Hendrixson Agency, LLC will provide a no-obligation no-pressure review of your current coverages to make sure you are fully protected at the best value available!